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One Drop per Root — Patented Red Ginseng Oil.
Production of CheongKwanJang Red Ginseng involves 100% contract-cultivated ginseng, over 290 types of tests,
and finally the touch of a strictly selected master craftsman. Donginbi 1899 line is infused with
valuable red ginseng oil and holds 7 red ginseng oil patents,
representing the craftsmanship of 1899 Tech. View products

Power Repair

Red Ginseng Power Repair line strengthens the skin’s natural energy
and makes tired skin healthy and firm with high-enriched red ginseng extract completed using 1899 Tech.
Donginbi’s heritage ingredient, red ginseng extract, which is complete with 100 years of history, and saponin
restores density and youth to the skin.
Red ginseng oil, with only one drop per root, improves wrinkles, and its condensed energy lifts the skin by making it firmer.
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소수에게만 허락된 정관장 천삼과 전세계 진귀한 원료가,
오랜 연구 끝에 탄생한 동인비만의 로열 안티에이징 테크놀로지와 만나
차원이 다른 아름다움을 선사하는 하이퍼포먼스 프레스티지 라인입니다. View products

Defense Essence

This daily anti-aging line filled with the powerful regenerative energy of Red Ginseng and RG Ginseno-Biome™ presents a firm, contoured and bouncy skin. View products

Moisture and Balancing

Based on the philosophy that beautiful and radiant skin begins with
a strong and well-balanced physical condition, this intensive moisturizing line adjusts the skin’s oil and water balance
with condensed red ginseng water and red ginseng vinegar to give healthy and luminous skin. View products


Dewdrop Intensive Hydro gives healthy and
vibrant skin with intensive moisturizing
by White Jelly Dew Drop View products


Intensive brightening solutions
created by Donginbi’s Root
Brightening technology to give bright and clear skin View products


Skin balancing HOMME CARE to provide moisture and
nutrients to the skin with the help of 1899 RE-CHARGING
TECH from condensed Red ginseng oil, Water, Extracts View products


"A stick just for myself", Mi Mask Stick is filled with
precious ingredients derived from red ginseng and key ingredients of each Donginbi
collection for healthy, balanced skin conditions View products